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water neutrality
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water neutrality
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water neutrality
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water neutrality

The southwest coast of the UK is experiencing significant water stress. This has led to competing demands between domestic, commercial and ecological flows. Natural England together with the Environment Agency have now implemented a a stringent requirement to achieve water neutrality in this area. It is most likely that this requirement will soon be implemented in the rest of the southern regions of the UK, particularly those along the coastal fringes like Essex and Kent. Domestic water use provides the opportunity to recycle grey water at source therefore significantly reducing the portable water demand.  


Greywater Recycling 

Greywater recycling is the most sustainable, efficient and affordable opportunity to reduce water consumption. Greywater is collected from the shower, washing machines, taps and baths and re-used for toilet flushing, washing machine and landscape irrigation. 

grey water recycling
Greywater Recycling



Empowering households and commercial organisations to save water and energy

with smart, innovative and affordable water recycling products. 

Hydraloop enables the recycling of 85% of domestic water, resulting in a 45% reduction in portable water demand.  

Hydraloop collects, cleans and re-uses the water from showers, baths, washing machines, handbasins and air conditioning units. Hydraloop water is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected. It can be re-used for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools.


Hydraloop offers turn-key products and made to measure solutions for projects of any size. With Hydraloop, you can give water, our ‘Blue Gold’, a second life. Together, we can drastically reduce the world-wide water consumption.

Hydraloop facilitates a very flexible "de-centralised" installation which means that it can be used for new housing estates, commercial buildings, mixed-use developments and apartment blocks. 



  • Save water and energy

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • No compromise on living comfort or personal hygiene

  • Hydraloop water is clean, clear      safe and disinfected

  • Innovative technology

  • Certified to NSF-350

  • Low energy consumption               (~175 kWh annually)

  • Compact unit in stylish design

  • Easy installation

  • Completely automatic

  • No filters

  • No chemicals

  • Self cleaning

  • Low maintenance

  • 24/7 Online performance monitoring

  • Smartphone App


Seismic Impact

water shortage




Save up to 45% of tap water and 45% of wastewater

with clean, clear, safe and disinfected Hydraloop water.

Reducing average UK usage from 150 l/p/d to 65 l/p/d.

Existing and new residential homes can use Hydraloop, to recycle water from showers, baths, as well as water from washing machines, and air-conditioning units in your own home. This enables homeowners to reuse up to 85% of the total domestic water supplied to the house. The treated and disinfected Hydraloop water is suitable for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and even topping up swimming pools or jacuzzi.

Hydraloop offers different smart recycle solutions for both homes and apartments to support small and large families: Hydraloop H300 - 300 litres  and Hydraloop H600 - 600 litres.







Installing a greywater recycling system in commercial buildings helps your business to meet your Environmental and Sustainability Goals  with a cost saving investment. Hydraloop helps you meet sustainability certifications such as LEED, BREEAM and deliver on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.    

Hydraloop future-proofs buildings, increases their value, lowers running costs for water, energy, and also reduces carbon footprint.


Hydraloop can be installed in both new and old buildings owing to the easy and fast installation. Hydraloop will also help make business premises more resilient to climate change adverse weather and drought periods.  


  • Volume: Unlimited for commercial requirements.

  • Input : Greywater from hand basins, showers, baths, air conditioning units.

  • Output: Two valves for recycled water to the toilets

  • and garden irrigation.  


urban architecture
hydraloop uk
Hotels & Lodges



A wide range of water recycling solutions for the leisure industry to

meet specific demand: 

Hydraloop Cascade, Hydraloop H600 and Hydraloop H300 


By installing a Hydraloop Cascade set-up in the main building of a hotel, greywater is centrally collected and treated. The required water treatment capacity can easily be configured by the amount of Hydraloop units that are interconnected into one Hydraloop Cascade recycling plant. We offer scalable and made-to-measure solutions for water recycling projects of any size.

Hydraloop collects and treats the water from showers, baths, hand basins and air-conditioning units in leisure facilities of any size. The treated and disinfected water is suitable for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools.


By installing Hydraloop units in individual lodges or apartments, greywater from each unit can be collected and treated decentrally. In some cases, we collect greywater from more than one lodge or apartment in Hydraloop units with a larger treatment volume. In other cases, we advise to centrally collect and treat greywater in a Hydraloop Cascade. Meaning we can offer scalable and made-to-measure solutions for water recycling projects of any size.


Hydraloop is proud of having its solutions installed in several high-end lodges and facilities worldwide.


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