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AquaCiTY: Delivers Water Resilient Smart Cities

At Water Offsets we believe that a modern, sustainable, water-resilient, and prosperous smart city is characterised by its commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to create a thriving urban ecosystem that balances economic prosperity with environmental stewardship and social equity. It is a city that embraces resilience, sustainability, and inclusivity to meet the needs of current and future generations while safeguarding the planet's natural resources and ecosystems.

Delivering water resilience in smart cities requires a comprehensive approach that leverages technology, AI, Blockchain, data, policy, and community engagement. Below we highlight the KEY ingredients that Water Offsets deploys to facilitate the delivery of water resilient smart cities.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Advanced Sensor Technology

  • Planning, Policy and Regulation

  • Smart Water Management Solutions

  • AI Algorithms for Predictive Analysis

  • Blockchain enabled Smart Contracts

  • Citizen Science for Water Conservation 

  • Community Engagement and Education

  • Water Offsetting for Catchments and Cities

  • Integrated and Linked Communication System

AquaCiTY - Delivering SMART Water Resilient Cities

AquaCiTY is a comprehensive water management software solution developed by Water Offsets Ltd. It is designed to optimise water usage, enhance water efficiency, and improve overall water management practices in urban and rural settings. AquaCiTY integrates advanced technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and decision-making capabilities for water utilities, municipalities, industries, and other stakeholders.

AquaCiTY is an innovative, versatile, and adaptable software programme that can be used to deliver water-resilient smart cities through innovative approaches that leverage emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain, as well as concepts like hydro citizenship and the water circular economy. Below we demonstrates how AquaCiTY delivers smart water resilient cities, communities & companies using these elements.

AquaCiTY: Predictive Analytics

AquaCiTY utilises AI algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data from sensors, satellites, open source data and other sources to predict water demand, detect leaks, and forecast floods or droughts, enabling proactive management and response.

AquaCiTY: Dynamic and Responsive


AI-driven optimisation models is used in AquaCiTY to dynamically allocate water resources based on real-time data, considering factors like weather patterns, population growth, and infrastructure capacity.


AquaCiTY: Smart Irrigation Systems

AquaCiTY utilises AI-powered irrigation systems to adjust watering schedules based on weather forecasts, soil moisture levels, and plant requirements, maximising water efficiency in landscaping and agriculture.

Blockchain Developer

Decentralised Water Management 

Water Offsetting

Smart Contracts

Blockchain: Transparent & Secure Transactions

water neutrality
water offsets
water offsets

AquaCiTY: Citizen Science Initiatives

AquaCiTY empowers citizens to participate actively in water monitoring and management through citizen science projects and crowdsourcing data on water quality, quantity, and usage to supplement official monitoring efforts.

AquaCiTY: Education & Awareness Programs


AquaCiTY fosters hydro-citizenship by educating residents about the importance of water conservation, pollution prevention, and sustainable water management practices through community interactive outreach programs, workshops, and campaigns.

AquaCiTY: Participatory Decision Making


AquaCiTY engages citizens in water-related decision-making processes, such as water resource planning, infrastructure development, and policy formulation, to ensure their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed.

User Interface

Predictive Analytics

Optimised Resource

Smart Irrigation Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Water Management

water neutrality
water offsets
water offsets

AquaCiTY: Decentralised  H2O Management

AquaCiTY: Utilises Blockchain technology to enable decentralised water management systems where stakeholders can securely record and track water transactions, such as water usage, payments, and trading, ensuring transparency and accountability.


AquaCiTY: Water Offsetting


AquaCiTY utilises Blockchain and AI technology to facilitate the funding of water conservation initiatives and to provide citizens and companies with incentives to save water. AquaCiTY facilitates water offsetting and the trading of water offsetting credits.

AquaCiTY: Smart Contracts


AquaCiTY can be utilised to issue Smart contracts using blockchain technology to automate water-related agreements and transactions, such as water supply and trading of water offsetting credits.

Beautiful French Town

Citizen Science Initiatives 

Education and Awareness

Participatory Decision Making

Hydro Citizenship & Community Engagement 

water neutrality
water sustainability
water neutrality
A woman at the office overlooking the city skyline

Specification Design

Resource Recovery & Reuse

Closed-Loop Systems


Circular Business Models 

Water Circular Economy

water offsets
water neutrality
water neutral england
water shortage
Image by Oscar Keys

AquaCiTY: Smart Regulations

AquaCiTY facilitates the development, monitoring and enforcement of regulations that promote water efficiency, conservation, and resilience, such as building codes, building regulations, specifications, design standards that require water-efficient fixtures and water recycling practices.

AquaCiTY: Water Pricing

AquaCiTY facilitates implementing water pricing mechanisms that reflect the true cost of water and encourage conservation while ensuring equitable access to essential water services.

AquaCiTY: ESG and Water Neutrality

AquaCiTY helps facilitate the setting, monitoring, and delivery of ESG targets. It also helps deliver water neutrality, water offsetting, and water positive initiatives. Having this information readily available and consumable in smart cities is critical to delivering water resilience, demonstrating how environmental standards are being met and the corporate commitment to water and the environment. 

 AquaCiTY: Spatial GIS  Water Management 


AquaCiTY is GIS-based spatial software that allows for spatial analysis and visualisation of water-related data in the context of land use, infrastructure, and environmental factors. It enables users to assess the impacts of town planning, land use changes on water resources and plan infrastructure developments accordingly, fostering collaboration among various stakeholders (municipal & water services) and sectors.

AquaCiTY: Specification Design

AquaCiTY facilitates the design, specification use of algorithms to meet specific water efficiency and/or recycling targets. It monitors how the specified design standard is implemented and achieved in water supply, wastewater treatment, greywater recycling and reuse. Providing prompts for better utility and maximising greywater recycling and re-use.


AquaCiTY: Resource Recovery and Reuse


Implementing technologies for wastewater treatment and reuse, such as advanced purification techniques and decentralised treatment systems, to recover valuable resources like nutrients and energy from wastewater.

AquaCiTY: Closed-Loop Systems


Designing water infrastructure and processes with circular principles in mind, such as capturing and reusing stormwater, recycling greywater for non-potable uses, and promoting water-efficient industrial processes to minimise waterwaste.

AquaCiTY: Circular Business Models


Encouraging businesses to adopt circular business models that prioritise resource efficiency, waste reduction and incentivising practices like product redesign, remanufacturing, and material recycling to minimise water footprint and environmental impact.


Smart Regulations 

Water Pricing

ESG and Water Neutrality 

GIS with Water Management 

Policy and Regulation 

water neutrality england
hydraloop uk
hydraloop uk
Image by Gilles Rolland-Monnet

AquaCiTY: Predictive Modelling 


AquaCity allows Smart Cities to conduct scenario planning and risk assessments for potential water-related challenges, such as droughts, floods, or water supply disruptions. By simulating various scenarios and identifying vulnerabilities, cities, communities and companies can develop proactive strategies to mitigate risks and enhance water resilience.

Image by Kelsey Knight

Predictive Modelling

Scenario Planning and Risk Assessment

water offsets
Glasses of Water

Water Conservation & Efficiency  

Promoting Water Conservation

water neutrality

AquaCiTY: Water Conservation & Efficiency


AquaCity helps promote water conservation practices among residents and businesses in Smart Cities through targeted messaging and educational campaigns. By raising awareness about the importance of water conservation and providing tips for reducing water usage, AquaCity encourages behaviour change and fosters a culture of water stewardship in the community.

AquaCiTY: Data-Driven Decision Making


AquaCiTY serves as a centralised platform for collaboration and communication among stakeholders involved in water management efforts in Smart Cities. AquaCiTY promotes collaboration among government agencies, utilities, businesses, and residents by facilitating data sharing, coordination, and decision-making, enabling more effective water management and enhancing water resilience.

A team discussion at a trading room

Data-Driven Decision Making

Facilitating Collaboration

water offsets

AquaCiTY integrates IOT, AI, blockchain, hydro citizenship, and the water circular economy principles so that Smart Cities can build more resilient water systems that are sustainable, equitable, and adaptable to future challenges such as population growth, climate change, and urbanisation. Moreover, open data collaboration among stakeholders and promoting community engagement can foster a sense of shared responsibility and ownership over water resources, contributing to the long-term resilience and sustainability of urban water systems.


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