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Resilient Cities

We are delivering water resilient cities and communities in the advent of climate change!



Global Water Stress: Not An Insurmountable Task 

Global water stress is so serious that it is causing economic down turns, resulting in public discontent and causing an increase in opportunistic diseases. But at Water Offsets we consider that addressing it is not an insurmountable task. We have developed a matrix of innovative measures such as water neutrality, integrated infrastructure, and nature based solutions (green roofs/corridors) could be used to deliver water resilience from Latin and North America, to Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and Africa.

global water stress

Our ecosystem covers policy advice, technical design, and innovative technologies based on GIS design, mapping and monitoring systems. Including green infrastructure (city landscape, green roofs) and interactive water interventions tools. Using these tools we are delivering some of Europe's first water neutral communities with more than 3,000 homes, eco tourism sites and commercial endeavours already designed.  Below is a summary of bespoke water infrastructure design blueprint for delivering water neutral developments. 

The 5 I's Ultimate Water Blueprint

Traditional water supply systems are continuously overwhelmed by population growth, significant pipe leaks, ever growing infrastructure costs, river pollution incidents, droughts and flooding. Resulting in acute water shortages, perennial water stress and poor sanitation. 


We are challenging this narrative, with an innovative systems approach to the provision of water supply to affected communities, cities and regions through our 5 I's Ultimate Water Blueprint.  

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water neutrality
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Walking in Water


Consideration is made of the existing 

hydrological (rivers, lakes, etc) and hydrogeological (springs, aquifers) features that affect water supply, water collection and transmission.

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An analysis of the physical characteristics of the location using geospatial mapping and satellite imagery to capture topography, landforms, vegetative cover and runoff characteristics.  


A detailed analysis of the landscape features and characteristics. Landscape cover and characteristics have a strong influence on the quality and quantum of water that is received by each catchment. 

Including that which is available for use for public supply. 

water neutrality


Steep topography can lead to rapid inundation during heavy rainfall periods. But can also provide an invaluable source of abundant amount of water that could be used for aquifer recharge or filling of strategic public supply dams. 

Case Studies

We are delivering water resilient cities and communities with partners
and clients in many se
ctors around the world. 

water efficient

Water Neutral Homes: designing and delivering the world's most water efficient homes

Delivering over 3000 water neutral homes in the United Kingdom which consume less then 50% of normal water use ... 

Water Resilient Cities: 
using innovation, technology and bespoke software to reduce and optimise water demand 

Working on city wide strategy to find significant water users (commercial, industrial and domestic) and using innovation, software and technology to reduce water consumption ....


Working globally to significantly reduce the water demand of of the tourism sector, particularly eco tourism, through water efficiency measures, rainwater and greywater recycling ... 

water demand

Water Efficient Tourism: 
Global Sustainable Tourism
and Ecotourism Sector 


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