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water offsets

Water Offsets

Our people,  Our vision, Our mission 

and Our ecosystem!

Our mission is to preserve every precious drop of water to create water resilient communities, companies, cities and countries.


  Our strategies deliver holistic solutions, addressing global water stress issues in cities, towns and single developments throughout the world. We help cities, governments and vulnerable communities become more water resilient in the advent of climate change and rapid urbanisation. Our solutions and tools are deliverable at local, city and national levels. 

We respect that every local has its own characteristics and nuances that is why we crunch data, review policies, provide strategies and tools, build pilots, collaborate locally and create new ventures that develop scalable solutions to critical problems. Core to achieving our mission is the transition to water neutral communities and ‘circular’ by design.

Our Mission

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Our Ecosystem

Water Offsets consists of five complimentary entities working together in a holistic manner to deliver impact solutions to our interventions. Each element exists to specifically address the critical leverage points required to deliver water resilience:

  • Our Consultancy, to deliver technical solutions.

  • Our Institute, to build data, intelligence & capacity.  

  • Our Ventures arm, to deliver exemplary pilots.

  • Our Software arm, to develop scalable & transferable tools.

  • Our Foundation, to deliver empower communities, cities and countries.

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Services Provided

We are delivering water resilient cities and communities with partners
and clients in many se
ctors around the world. 

water neutrality

Water Neutral Homes: designing and delivering the world's most water efficient homes

Delivering over 3000 water neutral homes in the United Kingdom which consume less then 50% of normal water use ... 

Water Resilient Cities: 
using innovation, technology and bespoke software to reduce and optimise water demand 

Working on city wide strategy to find significant water users (commercial, industrial and domestic) and using innovation, software and technology to reduce water consumption ....

sustainable development

Water Efficient Tourism: 
Global Sustainable Tourism
and Ecotourism Sector 

Working globally to significantly reduce the water demand of of the tourism sector, particularly eco tourism, through water efficiency measures, rainwater and greywater recycling ... 

water demand

UK & Global Water Problems 

The United Kingdom is blighted by many water issues; failing infrastructure, rapid urbanisation, population growth and many pollution incidents. Increasingly climate change 
is causing drought and flood 
We are helping
 deliver water resilience in some of the most water scarce  regions of the world

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