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Singapore's Positive Water Consumption Future

water sustainability

Singapore is renowned for its use of innovative technology to boost sustainability. The entire city operates as one huge rainwater basin, proving it to be a world leader in strategies that increase both water security and resilience. Singapore has a set target of reducing its water consumption to 130 l/p/d by 2030 which they should be able to go way beyond with continued initiatives.

The city has implemented innovative hydraulic engineering strategies to reduce reliance on imported water. Including greywater recycling, the protection of urban rainwater catchments as well as the use of estuaries as freshwater reservoirs, and desalination. There is also a focus on responsive legislation, behavioural water pricing, public education, as well as research and development into efficient water management.

The Green Plan


The Singapore Green Plan 2030 seeks to encourage a national agenda on sustainable development. Formed in February 2021, The Green Plan sets concrete targets for the next 10 years, showing commitment to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Paris Agreement as well as achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

In April 2006, Singapore initiated the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme. Its objective was to enhance the relationship between people and water, promoting greater awareness and appreciation of this vital resource. Through this initiative, PUB has reimagined reservoirs, rivers, and canals, to become vibrant community spaces with recreational facilities. This has contributed to Singapore's reputation as a flourishing City of Gardens and Water, with over 100 potential sites earmarked for the program's expansion by 2030. The city is already reaping the economic rewards of the tourism that has been attracted by this creative infrastructure.

Singapore encourages community involvement in managing water demand. To secure a sustainable water future, the Public Utilities Board has introduced clever methods of public involvement. Singapore promotes water conservation through a scheme that labels the water efficiency of household products and adds tax on top of water bills for those with high domestic consumption. This makes it a great role model for other countries that need to reduce water consumption rates as well as ensure sufficient supplies.

water sustainability


The Global Incubator Programme


Water Offsets LTD will be working with Innovate UK in entering the Singapore market with our holistic, innovative WaterTech solutions. With its advanced economy and ranking highly as one of the world’s most innovative cities, Singapore will act as our portal to the Asian markets.

At Water Offsets we are keen to jump aboard Singapore’s green plan. With the benefits of our revolutionary Water Circular Economy software, AquaCity, combined with AI and blockchain technology, Singapore can achieve above and beyond its sustainability targets. Setting the perfect example for water-scarce nations to follow.

With our water circular approach, integrated software and hardware solutions, Water Offsets is already delivering water-neutral households in the UK with reduced water consumption of 65 Liters per person per day!

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